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X-Men (2000) 002
Title: X-Men
Directed by: Bryan Singer
Written by: Tom DeSanto; Bryan Singer; David Hayter
Produced by: Avi Arad; Tom DeSanto; Richard Donner; Matthew Edelman; Kevin Feige; Stan Lee; Scott Nimerfro; Lauren Shuler Donner; Joel Simon; Bill Todman, Jr.; Ralph Winter
Music by: Michael Kamen
Cinematography: Newton Thomas Sigel
Edited by: Steven Rosenblum
Distributed by: Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation
Marvel Entertainment
Bad Hat Harry Productions
Released: July 14th, 2000
Rating: PG-13
Running time: 104 min.
Country: USA
Language: English
Budget: $75,000,000
Gross: $157,299,717
Next: X2: X-Men United (2003)

X-Men is an American feature film of the superhero fantasy and action genres. It is based on the popular series of X-Men comic book titles published by Marvel Comics as first envisioned by writer Stan Lee and artist Jack Kirby back in September of 1963. It is the first installment in the original three-movie X-Men film series. The movie was directed by Bryan Singer and written by Singer and Tom DeSanto with a screenplay written by David Hayter. It was produced by Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation in association with Marvel Entertainment as well as Bad Hat Harry Productions. The film was released theatrically in the United States on July 14th, 2000.

X-Men features an ensemble cast of characters headed up by elder statesmen such as Patrick Stewart in the role of Professor Charles Xavier and Ian McKellen as his former comrade-turned-nemesis Erik Lensherr, aka Magneto. Rounding out Team Xavier is Hugh Jackman as fan-favorite Wolverine, Famke Janssen as Jean Grey, James Marsden as Cyclops (Scott Summers), Halle Berry as Storm (Ororo Munroe) and Anna Paquin as Rogue. Together, they form the X-Men - a team of mutants gifted (or cursed) with special abilities that sets them apart form humanity. In addition to their struggle in trying to survive in a world that hates and fears them, they must also contend with Magneto's band of evil mutants, which includes Tyler Mane as the savage Sabretooth, Ray Park as the Toad and Rebecca Romijn-Stamos as the shape-shifting Mystique. Other notable cast members in the film include Bruce Davison as Senator Robert Kelly, Matthew Sharp as Henry Gyrich, Alex Burton as John Allerdyce and Shawn Ashmore as junior X-Man, Bobby Drake.

Plot Edit

Cast Edit

Actor Role
Hugh Jackman Wolverine, Logan
Patrick Stewart Professor X, Charles Xavier
Ian McKellen Magneto, Erik Lensherr
Famke Janssen Jean Grey
James Marsden Cyclops, Scott Summers
Halle Berry Storm, Ororo Munroe
Anna Paquin Rogue, Marie
Tyler Mane Sabretooth, Victor Creed
Ray Park Toad
Rebecca Romijn-Stamos Mystique, Raven Darkholme
Bruce Davison Senator Robert Kelly
Matthew Sharp Henry Gyrich
Brett Morris Young Magneto
Rhona Shekter Magneto's mother
Kenneth McGregor Magneto's father
Shawn Roberts Cody, Rogue's boyfriend
Donna Goodhand Rogue's mother
John Nelles Rogue's father
George Buza Trucker
Darren McGuire Contender
Carson Manning Waterboy #1
Scott Leva Waterboy #2
Aron Tager Emcee
Kevin Rushton Stu
Doug Lennox Bartender
David Nichols Newscaster #1
Malcolm Nefsky Stu's buddy
Sumela Kay Shadowcat, Kitty Pryde
Shawn Ashmore Iceman, Bobby Drake
Katrina Florece Jubilee, Jubilation Lee
Alex Burton Pyro, John Allerdyce
Quinn Wright Lily pond kid
Daniel Magder Boy on raft
Matt Weinberg Tommy
Madison Lanc Tommy's sister
Stan Lee Hot dog vendor
Marsha Graham Newscaster #2
Amy Leland Cerebro
Adam Robitel Guy on line
David Brown Lead cop
Ben Jensen Sabretooth cop
Tom DeSanto Toad cop
Todd Dulmage Coast guard
Dan Duran Newscaster #3
Elias Zarou U.N. Secretary General
David Black President
Robert R. Snow Secret Service
David Hayter Museum cop
Cecil Philips Security guard
Dave Allen Clark Newscaster #4
Deryck Blake Plastic prison guard
Ilke Hincer Translator
Ron Sham Translator
Jay Yoo Translator
Grigori Miakouchkine Translator
Eleanor Comes Translator
Giuseppe Gallaccio Translator
Rupinder Brar Translator
Abi Ganem Translator
Joey Purpura German soldier
Manuel Verge German soldier
Wolfgang Muller German soldier
Ralph Zuljan German soldier
Andy Grote German soldier
Denis Bellingham Man in bar
Eric Bryson Police officer
Wesley Finucan Man at train station
Marc Gagne Bar patron
Matthew Galliford Ellis Island dignitary
Gary Goddard Man at beach
Matt Granger Weapon X Program surgeon
Donald Mckinnon Hot dog stand customer
Daniel Vivian Canadian
Quentin Wright Student at Xavier School

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