"Bury Me Here"
Series The Walking Dead
Season 7, Episode 13
Walking Dead 7x13 004
Air date March 12th, 2017
Writers Scott M. Gimple
Director Alrick Riley
Producers Robert Kirkman; David Alpert; Greg Nicotero; Tom Luse; Gale Anne Hurd; Scott M. Gimple; Caleb Womble; Jolly Dale; Ryan Degard; Matthew Negrete; Channing Powell; Corey Reed; Angela Kang; Denise Huth; Amy Beth Barnes; Alex Coley Brown; John Marler
Starring Andrew Lincoln; Norman Reedus; Lauren Cohan; Chandler Riggs; Danai Gurira; Melissa McBride; Lennie James; Sonequa Martin-Green; Alanna Masterson; Josh McDermitt; Christian Serratos; Jeffrey Dean Morgan
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"Bury Me Here" is the thirteenth episode of season seven of the survival horror television series The Walking Dead, and the ninety-sixth episode of the series overall. It was directed by Alrick Riley with a script written by Scott M. Gimple. It first aired on AMC on Sunday, March 12th, 2017 at 9:00 pm. In this episode, Richard concocts a plan to force Ezekiel and the Kingdom to take up arms against the Saviors, but his plan backfires, yielding tragic results. And Carol kills some walkers. Finally!

Cast Edit

Starring Edit

Note: Listings marked with a (†) symbol indicate cast members who are credited in this episode, but their character does not make an appearance.

Actor Role
Andrew Lincoln Rick Grimes
Norman Reedus Daryl Dixon
Lauren Cohan Maggie Rhee
Chandler Riggs Carl Grimes
Danai Gurira Michonne
Melissa McBride Carol Peletier
Lennie James Morgan Jones
Sonequa Martin-Green Sasha Williams
Alanna Masterson Tara Chambler
Josh McDermitt Eugene Porter
Christian Serratos Rosita Espinosa
Jeffrey Dean Morgan Negan

Guest Starring Edit

Note: Listings marked with a (†) symbol indicate cast members who are credited in this episode, but their character does not make an appearance.

Actor Role
Seth Gilliam Gabriel Stokes
Ross Marquand Aaron
Austin Amelio Dwight
Tom Payne Paul "Jesus" Rovia
Xander Berkeley Gregory
Khary Payton Ezekiel
Logan Miller Benjamin
Karl Makinen Richard

Co-Starring Edit

Actor Role
Cooper Andrews Jerry
Carlos Navarro Alvaro
Kerry Cahill Dianne
Daniel Newman Daniel
Jayson Warner Smith Gavin
Joshua Mikel Jared
Macsen Lintz Henry
Nadine Marissa Nabila
Jason Burkey Kevin

Notes & Trivia Edit

  • This episode is rated TV-MA. It contains strong language and acts of extreme violence, which may be too intense for some viewers. Viewer discretion is advised.
  • This episode was followed by The Talking Dead after-show hosted by Chris Hardwick. Couch guests on this episode include The Waking Dead actor Karl Makinen, writer and series showrunner Scott M. Gimple, and former series actor Michael Rooker. Includes an exclusive video interview with actor Lennie James.
  • This is the first appearance of Nabila.

Allusions Edit

  • The title of this episode is taken from a hand-written sign that Richard makes, which is left at the freshly dug grave that he makes for himself.
  • The man who taught Morgan how to fight and put him onto his path of non-lethal combat was Eastman. Morgan encountered Eastman in "Here's Not Here".

Zombie Kill of the Week Edit

  • Zombie kill of the week goes to Carol Peletier, who tucks herself up in a tree and uses the stake end of a road sign to spear walkers through the head as they come after her. She kills four walkers in this manner.

Body Count Edit

As of this episode, the human body count for named characters is at 12.

  1. Benjamin - Shot in the leg by Jared and bleeds to death at Carol's cottage.
  2. Richard - Walloped on the back of the head by Morgan and his stick and then strangled to death.

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