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Vinnie (BMFM)
Name Vinnie
Aliases None
Continuity Biker Mice from Mars
Category Main character
Type Freedom fighter
Race Martian
Gender Male
Base of Operations Last Chance Garage, Chicago, Illinois
Known relatives None
Status Alive
Born Unknown
Died N/A
First Appearance Biker Mice from Mars: Rock and Ride!
Played by Ian Ziering

Vinnie is one of the central characters from the Biker Mice from Mars television series and the Marvel Comics Biker Mice from Mars comic book series. In the animated program, Vinnie was voiced by actor Ian Ziering. A talking, humanoid mouse, Vinnie was born on the planet Mars and became a freedom fighter after the conquering race known as the Plutarkians devastated the planet, strip-mining it for its natural resources. Vinnie was imprisoned, but escaped along with two other like-minded rodents, Modo and Throttle. Fleeing a Plutarkian attack, the three mice took their motorcycles and escaped to the planet Earth. They set themselves up at the Last Chance Garage in Chicago, Illinois, but still found themselves facing the threat of the Plutarkians' Earth-based representative, Lawrence Limburger.

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