University of London
University of London
Vital statistics
Name University of London
Aliases None
Category Learning center
Galaxy Milky Way
Stellar System Sol system
Planet Earth
Country England
State/Province N/A
City London
Locale United Kingdom
Residents Michael Beadley
Points of interest None
First Appearance Day of the Triffids: 1.3

The University of London is a federal mega university made up of 31 affiliates: 19 separate university institutions, and 12 research institutes. As such, the University of London is the largest university in the UK by number of full-time students, with 135,090 campus-based students and over 45,000 in the University of London External System.

In the 1981 television mini-series The Day of the Triffids, the university was used as an emergency shelter for survivors of a passing comet that rendered the majority of Earth's populace blind. A group organizer named Michael Beadley, as well as several other learned scholars and military commanders, established a group consisting of those who maintained their sight, who charged themselves with the custodianship of a new society whose primary focus was propagation of the species. Many volunteers, including Triffid farmer Bill Masen and his friend Jo Payton came to the university to attend Beadley's meetings. Although they didn't necesarily agree with the group's approach towards survival, they helped provide them with supplies in readiness for a mass exodus to the countryside. The night before the convoy was to move out, the university was raided by a radical named Jack Coker, who felt that people like Beadley were turning their backs on those who needed their help the most. [1]

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