URoRRuR'R'R 002
Continuity: Star Wars
Notability: Minor character
Type: Antagonist
Gender: Male
Race: Tusken Raider
Location: Jundland Wastes, Tatooine
Status: Alive
First: Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope (1977)
Actor: Peter Diamond

URoRRuR'R'R is the name attributed to the Tusken Raider seen in the 1977 film Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope who attacked Luke Skywalker. He was played by stuntman Peter Diamond.

Biography Edit

URoRRuR'R'R was the clan leader of a group of Tusken Raiders who traveled throughout the Jundland Wastes on the planet Tatooine. In 0 BBY, URoRRuR'R'R and his fellow Raiders were traveling by Bantha when they came upon a young farm boy named Luke Skywalker and his droid companions C-3PO and R2-D2. Luke most Tuskens, URoRRuR'R'R was known to attack humans without provocation and did so against Skywalker, beating him repeatedly with his Gaderffii stick until Luke was unconscious. Once Luke was out of the way, URoRRuR'R'R and his clan mates began rooting through Luke's landspeeder, scavenging for any materials that they deemed valuable. Retired Jedi knight Obi-Wan Kenobi witnessed the attack and frightened the Sandpeople away by mimicking the cry of a fearsome Krayt dragon.

Notes & Trivia Edit

  • The character of URoRRuR'R'R was created by writer and director George Lucas.
  • URoRRuR'R'R was first identified by name on card number 54 of the Star Wars Customizable Card Game: A New Hope. The name is possibly derived from the phonetic spelling of the indecipherable battle cry URoRRuR'R'R produced when he first attacked Luke Skywalker. Sound engineer Ben Burtt recorded sounds of a braying donkey and used it to create the guttural language of the Sandpeople.

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