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Tom Hickey
Birth name: Thomas Joseph Hickey, Jr.
Gender: Male
Medium(s): Comic books
Roles: Writer; Penciler; Inker
Date of birth: December 20th, 1910
Place of birth: White Plains, New York
Date of death: January 15th, 1984
Notable works: Detective Comics Vol 1
Unknown Worlds Vol 1

Thomas "Tom" Joseph Hickey, Jr. was an American comic book writer and graphic artist. He was born in White Plains, New York on December 20th, 1910. As a writer, Tom's only contribution to the comics medium was writing the Bruce Nelson mystery tale, "The New Orleans Mardi Gras Murder", from Detective Comics #27 in May, 1939. This also happened to be the same issue in which Batman made his comic book debut. Hickey also penciled and inked the Bruce Nelson story in that issue. This also happened to be Hickey's final work on that title. He previously did pencil work on issues #1, #4 and #20.

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