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The Walking Dead is an American comic book series published by the independent company Image Comics. The series began publication in October of 2003 and is largely responsible for igniting the "zombie-craze" that has been seen in mainstream comics as well as films and television. Created by author Robert Kirkman, The Walking Dead was nominated Best New Series in 2004 by the Will Eisner Comic Industry Awards and won the Eisner Award for Best Continuing Series category in 2010. 2010 also saw the production of The Walking Dead television series on AMC, which first aired on Halloween night 2010.

Walking Dead

The Walking Dead is an American television series that first began airing in October of 2010. The series was produced by Frank Darabont and based on The Walking Dead comic book series by Robert Kirkman, published by Image Comics. The Walking Dead follows the journey of Georgia police officer Rick Grimes as he awakens to a world that has been overrun by zombies. Traveling across the state of Georgia, Rick finds other survivors of the zombie plague and together they struggle to survive in a world that no longer makes any sense to them.

Walking Dead (1936)

The Walking Dead is an American horror film of the supernatural thriller genre, which also deals with themes of reanimation. The movie was directed by Michael Curtiz with a screenplay written by Ewart Adamson, Peter Milne, Robert Andrews and Lillie Hayward based on a story treatment by Adamson and Joseph Fields. The movie was produced by Warner Bros. and premiered in the United States on March 14th, 1936. The movie stars Boris Karloff as John Ellman - a hapless pianist who is framed for murder and executed. But this is only the beginning of Ellman's story. The movie also stars Ricardo Cortez as Nolan, Edmund Gwenn as Doctor Beaumont, Marguerite Churchill as Nancy, and Warren Hull as Jimmy.

City of the Walking Dead

City of the Walking Dead, also known as Nightmare City, is an Italian horror film of the zombie apocalypse subgenre. It was directed by Umberto Lenzi with a script written by Antonio Cesare Corti, Luis Maria Delgado and Piero Regnoli. It was produced by Dialchi Film and Lotus Films, and premiered in Italy on December 11th, 1980. It was released in the United States on November 18th, 1983, and was distributed through 21st Century Distribution. The movie stars Hugo Stiglitz as Dean, Laura Trotter as Anna, Maria Rosaria Omaggio as Sheila, Francisco Rabal as Holmes, Sonia Viviani as Cindy, Eduardo Fajardo as Kramer, Stefania D'Amario as Jessica, Ugo Bologna as Desmond, Sara Franchetti as Liz, and Manuel Zarzo as Donahue.

Episodes Edit

Season One Edit

Episode Title Airdate
1x1 Days Gone Bye October 31st, 2010
1x2 Guts November 7th, 2010
1x3 Tell It to the Frogs November 14th, 2010
1x4 Vatos November 21st, 2010
1x5 Wildfire November 28th, 2010
1x6 TS-19 December 5th, 2010

Season Two Edit

Episode Title Airdate
2x1 What Lies Ahead October 16th, 2011
2x2 Bloodletting October 23rd, 2011
2x3 Save the Last One October 30th, 2011
2x4 Cherokee Rose November 6th, 2011
2x5 Chupacabra November 13th, 2011
2x6 Secrets November 20th, 2011
2x7 Pretty Much Dead Already November 27th, 2011
2x8 Nebraska February 12th, 2012
2x9 Triggerfinger February 19th, 2012
2x10 18 Miles Out February 26th, 2012
2x11 Judge, Jury, Executioner March 4th, 2012
2x12 Better Angels March 11th, 2012
2x13 Beside the Dying Fire March 18th, 2012

Season Three Edit

Episode Title Airdate
3x1 Seed October 14th, 2012
3x2 Sick October 21st, 2012
3x3 Walk With Me October 28th, 2012
3x4 Killer Within November 4th, 2012
3x5 Say the Word November 11th, 2012
3x6 Hounded November 18th, 2012
3x7 When the Dead Come Knocking November 25th, 2012
3x8 Made to Suffer December 2nd, 2012
3x9 The Suicide King February 10th, 2013
3x10 Home February 17th, 2013
3x11 I Ain't a Judas February 24th, 2013
3x12 Clear March 3rd, 2013
3x13 Arrow on the Doorpost March 10th, 2013
3x14 Prey March 17th, 2013
3x15 This Sorrowful Life March 24th, 2013
3x16 Welcome to the Tombs March 31st, 2013

Season Four Edit

Episode Title Airdate
4x1 30 Days Without an Accident October 13th, 2013
4x2 Infected October 20th, 2013
4x3 Isolation October 27th, 2013
4x4 Indifference November 3rd, 2013
4x5 Internment November 10th, 2013
4x6 Live Bait November 17th, 2013
4x7 Dead Weight November 24th, 2013
4x8 Too Far Gone December 1st, 2013
4x9 After February 9th, 2014
4x10 Inmates February 16th, 2014
4x11 Claimed February 23rd, 2014
4x12 Still March 2nd, 2014
4x13 Alone March 9th, 2014
4x14 The Grove March 16th, 2014
4x15 Us March 23rd, 2014
4x16 A March 30th, 2014

Season Five Edit

Episode Title Airdate
5x1 No Sanctuary October 12th, 2014
5x2 Strangers October 19th, 2014
5x3 Four Walls and a Roof October 26th, 2014
5x4 Slabtown November 2nd, 2014
5x5 Self-Help November 9th, 2014
5x6 Consumed November 16th, 2014
5x7 Crossed November 23rd, 2014
5x8 Coda November 30th, 2014
5x9 What Happened and What's Going On February 8th, 2015
5x10 Them February 15th, 2015
5x11 The Distance February 22nd, 2015
5x12 Remember March 1st, 2015
5x13 Forget March 8th, 2015
5x14 Spend March 15th, 2015
5x15 Try March 22nd, 2015
5x16 Conquer March 29th, 2015

Season Six Edit

Episode Title Airdate
6x1 First Time Again October 11th, 2015
6x2 JSS October 18th, 2015
6x3 Thank You October 25th, 2015
6x4 Here's Not Here November 1st, 2015
6x5 Now November 8th, 2015
6x6 Always Accountable November 15th, 2015
6x7 Heads Up November 22nd, 2015
6x8 Start to Finish November 29th, 2015
6x9 No Way Out February 14th, 2016
6x10 The Next World February 21st, 2016
6x11 Knots Untie February 28th, 2016
6x12 Not Tomorrow Yet March 6th, 2016
6x13 The Same Boat March 13th, 2016
6x14 Twice as Far March 20th, 2016
6x15 East March 27th, 2016
6x16 Last Day on Earth April 3rd, 2016

Season Seven Edit

Episode Title Airdate
7x1 The Day Will Come When You Won't Be October 23rd, 2016
7x2 The Well October 30th, 2016
7x3 The Cell November 6th, 2016
7x4 Service November 13th, 2016
7x5 Go Getters November 20th, 2016
7x6 Swear November 27th, 2016
7x7 Sing Me a Song December 4th, 2016
7x8 Hearts Still Beating December 11th, 2016
7x9 Rock in the Road February 12th, 2017
7x10 New Best Friends February 19th, 2017
7x11 Hostiles and Calamities February 26th, 2017
7x12 Say Yes March 5th, 2017
7x13 Bury Me Here March 12th, 2017
7x14 The Other Side March 19th, 2017
7x15 Something They Need March 26th, 2017
7x16 The First Day of the Rest of Your Life April 2nd, 2017

Season Eight Edit

Episode Title Airdate
8x01 Mercy October 22nd, 2017
8x02 The Damned October 29th, 2017
8x03 Monsters November 5th, 2017
8x04 Some Guy November 12th, 2017
8x05 The Big Scary U November 19th, 2017
8x06 The King, the Widow, and Rick November 26th, 2017
8x07 Time for After December 3rd, 2017
8x08 How It's Gotta Be December 10th, 2017
8x09 Honor February 25th, 2018
8x10 The Lost and the Plunderers March 4th, 2018
8x11 Dead or Alive Or March 11th, 2018
8x12 The Key March 18th, 2018
8x13 Do Not Send Us Astray March 25th, 2018
8x14 Still Gotta Mean Something April 1st, 2018
8x15 Worth April 8th, 2018
8x16 Wrath April 15th, 2018

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