Includes a list of characters, actors and production crew members whose first names are Terry.

Friday the 13th Edit

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Terry was a junior camp counselor who had worked at Packanack Lodge in Crystal Lake Township, New Jersey in the summer of 1984. She worked for trainer Paul Holt, with whom she had worked with in the past, and was friends with another counselor named Vickie. Terry and Vickie shared a cabin together. Terry owned a pet Shih Tzu named Muffin, which she brought to the camp with her. Terry had the misfortune of earning the affection of another camp counselor named Scott. In addition to overt flirting, Scott liked to tease Terry by popping her in the buttocks with a slingshot. At her first night at Packanack, Terry was present when Paul Holt regaled the group with the legend of serial killer Pamela Voorhees and her equally psychotic son, Jason. A prankster in the group named Ted jumped out at the end of Paul's story screaming while waving a spear and wearing a scary mask. Terry and the others scattered until they realized that it was just Ted. Later in the lodge, Scott attempted to curry Terry's favor by dancing with Muffin. When he asked Terry to dance with him, she politely declined.


The Walking Dead Edit

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Terry was a black man in his apparent late twenties, possibly early thirties, who was living in Atlanta, Georgia during the days of the initial zombie outbreak. He was best friends with a guy named Mike, who was the boyfriend of an office worker named Michonne. Michonne had been returning home to the apartment she shared with Mike on the day the outbreak struck. She found Terry and Mike fending off zombies with baseball bats as they tried getting through the front door. As Michonne fought her way inside, Mike was bitten by a zombie. At the time, nobody yet realized that a zombie bite was a death sentence. Mike succumbed to the injury and reanimated as one of the undead. Immediately afterword, he bit Terry, infecting him with the virus. Terry died and came back to life as a zombie as well. Michonne took shelter in a neighbor's house where she found a katana. Michonne noted the zombies would not attack one another, and even the smell of one of their own in the immediate vicinity would be enough to avert their attention elsewhere. When she realized that the infection was spread through biting, she cut of Mike and Terry's arms, as well as the lower half of their jaws. She chained them together and dragged them around as macabre undead escorts. So long as Mike and Terry were by her side, other zombies would let them be. While traveling through rural Georgia with them, Michonne came upon another survivor named Andrea. Michonne, the walkers and Andrea hid out during the Winter, but as Spring came, they found their way to a community called Woodbury. Eventually, Michonne saw no further use for her walker escorts and beheaded both of them.