Tales of Tomorrow
Tales of Tomorrow (TV series)
Title Tales of Tomorrow
Format Live-Action
Running Time 30 min.
Country USA
Network ABC
Seasons 2
Number of Episodes 85
Production Company George F. Foley
Executive Producers Mort Abrahams; George F. Foley, Jr.
Producers Richard Gordon; James Lister
Principal Cast Leslie Nielsen; Theo Goetz; Cameron Prud'Homme
Air Dates
First Aired August 3rd, 1951
Last Aired June 12th, 1953

Tales of Tomorrow was a science fiction-horror anthology series that aired on the ABC network from August of 1951 to June of 1953, spanning two seasons and a total of eighty-five episodes. The series was produced by George F. Foley, Jr. and Mort Abrahams.

Episodes Edit

Season One Edit

Episode Title Airdate
1x1 Verdict from Space August 3rd, 1951
1x2 Blunder August 10th, 1951
1x3 A Child is Crying August 17th, 1951
1x4 The Woman at Land's End August 24th, 1951
1x5 The Last Man on Earth August 31st, 1951
1x6 Errand Boy September 7th, 1951
1x7 The Monsters September 14th, 1951
1x8 Dark Angel September 28th, 1951
1x9 The Crystal Egg October 12th, 1951
1x10 Test Flight October 26th, 1951
1x11 The Search for the Flying Saucer November 9th, 1951
1x12 Enemy Unknown November 23rd, 1951
1x13 Sneak Attack December 7th, 1951
1x14 The Invaders December 12th, 1951
1x15 The Dune Roller January 4th, 1952
1x16 Frankenstein January 18th, 1952
1x17 Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea: The Chase January 25th, 1952
1x18 Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea: The Escape February 1st, 1952
1x19 What You Need February 8th, 1952
1x20 Age of Peril February 15th, 1952
1x21 Memento February 22nd, 1952
1x22 The Children's Room February 29th, 1952
1x23 Bound Together March 2nd, 1952
1x24 The Diamond Lens March 14th, 1952
1x25 The Fisherman's Wife March 21st, 1952
1x26 Flight Overdue March 28th, 1952
1x27 And a Little Child April 4th, 1952
1x28 Sleep No More April 11th, 1952
1x29 Time to Go April 18th, 1952
1x30 Plague from Space April 25th, 1952
1x31 Red Dust May 2nd, 1952
1x32 The Golden Ingot May 9th, 1952
1x33 Black Planet May 16th, 1952
1x34 World of Water May 23rd, 1952
1x35 The Little Black Bag May 30th, 1952
1x36 The Exile June 6th, 1952
1x37 All the Time in the World June 13th, 1952
1x38 The Miraculous Serum June 20th, 1952
1x39 Appointment on Mars June 27th, 1952
1x40 The Duplicates July 4th, 1952
1x41 Ahead of His Time July 18th, 1952
1x42 Sudden Darkness August 1st, 1952
1x43 Ice from Space August 8th, 1952
1x44 A Child is Crying August 15th, 1952
1x45 A Bird in Hand August 22nd, 1952

Season Two Edit

Episode Title Airdate
2x1 Seeing-Eye Surgeon September 5th, 1952
2x2 The Cocoon September 12th, 1952
2x3 The Chase September 19th, 1952
2x4 Youth on Tap September 26th, 1952
2x5 Substance X October 3rd, 1952
2x6 The Horn October 10th, 1952
2x7 Double Trouble October 17th, 1952
2x8 Many Happy Returns October 24th, 1952
2x9 The Tomb of King Taurus October 31st, 1952
2x10 The Window November 7th, 1952
2x11 The Camera November 14th, 1952
2x12 The Quiet Lady November 21st, 1952
2x13 The Invigorating Air November 28th, 1952
2x14 The Glacier Giant December 5th, 1952
2x15 The Fatal Flower December 12th, 1952
2x16 The Machine December 19th, 1952
2x17 The Bitter Storm December 26th, 1952
2x18 The Mask of Medusa January 2nd, 1953
2x19 Conqueror's Isle January 9th, 1953
2x20 Discovered Heart January 16th, 1953
2x21 The Picture of Dorian Gray January 23rd, 1953
2x22 Two-Faced January 30th, 1953
2x23 The Build-Box February 6th, 1953
2x24 Another Chance February 13th, 1953
2x25 The Great Silence February 20th, 1953
2x26 The Lonesome Village February 27th, 1953
2x27 The Squeeze Play March 13th, 1953
2x28 Read to Me, Herr Dokter March 20th, 1953
2x29 Ghost Writer March 27th, 1953
2x30 Past Tense April 3rd, 1953
2x31 Homecoming April 10th, 1953
2x32 The Fury of the Cocoon March 6th, 1953
2x33 The Rival April 17th, 1953
2x34 Please Omit Flowers April 24th, 1953
2x35 The Evil Within May 1st, 1953
2x36 The Vault May 8th, 1953
2x37 Ink May 15th, 1953
2x38 The Spider's Web May 22nd, 1953
2x39 Lazarus Walks May 29th, 1953
2x40 What Dreams May Come June 12th, 1953

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