"Trouble in Paradise"
Superboy Vol 4 1
Title: "Trouble in Paradise"
Volume: 4
Number: 1
Cover price: $1.50
Cover date: February, 1994
Publisher: DC Comics
Editor-in-Chief: Jenette Kahn
Writers: Karl Kesel
Pencilers: Tom Grummett
Inkers: Doug Hazlewood
Cover artists: Tom Grummett
Cover inker: Karl Kesel
Colorists: Tom McCraw
Letterers: Richard Starkings
Editors: Frank Pittarese
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"Trouble in Paradise" is the title to the first issue of the Superboy, Volume 4 ongoing comic book series published by DC Comics. The story was written by Karl Kesel with artwork by Tom Grummett. It was inked by Doug Hazlewood and colored by Tom McCraw. Lettering was provided by Richard Starkings. The story was edited by Frank Pittarese. This issue shipped with a February, 1994 cover date and carries a cover price of $1.50 per copy (US).

Synopsis Edit

Superboy, Dubbilex, and Rex & Roxy Leech arrive in Honolulu, Hawaii on the third leg of their "Superboy" world tour. A cybernetic villain known as Sidearm arrives on the beach and attacks Superboy. He grabs Roxy as a hostage and keeps Superboy at bay with several blows from his robotic arm. Sidearm didn't account for Superboy's tactile telekinesis however and the young, arrogant hero easily beats Sidearm up. He enrages him even further by mocking his name and identity.

As the two super-beings continue to fight, police detective Sam Makoa arrives on the scene. It isn't bad enough that he has the dangerous Silicon Dragons gang to deal with, but now he has to endure powerful metahumans as well.

Superboy and Sidearm continue to tear up Waikiki Beach. After causing massive amounts of property damage, Superboy gets the upper hand and destroys Sidearm's robotic appendages. As Makoa's men take care of Sidearm, Superboy brushes himself off and poses for his adoring fans. Tana Moon, the newest reporter for KONA-TV appears on the beach to interview Superboy.

Meanwhile, an athletic weightlifter named Kay observes Superboy's actions on a television screen and develops an interest in him.

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  • Although this is Sidearm's first appearance, Superboy and he have fought before. Their first battle is chronicled in flashback in Superboy, Volume 4 #0.
  • This is the first appearance of Knockout.

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