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Series Stargate Universe
Season 2, Episode 13
SGU 2x13 002
Air date March 21st, 2011
Writers Linda McGibney
Director Peter DeLuise
Producers Brad Wright; Robert C. Cooper; Carl Binder; Paul Mullie; Joseph Mallozzi; John G. Lenic; Linda McGibney; Jennifer Johnson
Starring Robert Carlyle; Louis Ferreira; Brian J. Smith; Elyse Levesque; David Blue; Alaina Huffman; Jamil Walker Smith; Ming-Na
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"Twin Destinies"

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Cast Edit

Principal Cast Edit

Actor Role
Robert Carlyle Doctor Nicholas Rush
Louis Ferreira Colonel Everett Young
Brian J. Smith Matthew Scott
Elyse Levesque Chloe Armstrong
David Blue Eli Wallace
Alaina Huffman Tamara Johansen
Jamil Walker Smith Ronald Greer
Ming-Na Camile Wray

Guest Stars Edit

Actor Role
Kathleen Quinlan Senator Michaels
Mike Dopud Varro
Morgan David Jones Airman Evans
Peter Kelamis Adam Brody
Patrick Gilmore Doctor Dale Volker
French Stewart Doctor Andrew Covel
Lou Diamond Phillips Colonel David Telford
Trevor Carroll Sergeant Graham
Troy Mundle S.F. Sergeant Hyatt
Brian McCaig Geiger counter tech
Timothy Knight Civilian
Tom MacNeill Wounded civilian

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