Star Trek - The Next Generation - Q-Squared
Publisher's info
Title: "Q-Squared"
Author: Peter David
Publisher: Pocket Books
1st printing: July 15th, 1994 (hardcover)
August, 1995
ISBN: ISBN 0-671-89152-9 (Hardcover)
ISBN 0-671-89151-0 (Paperback)
Page count: 434 (paperback)
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Q-Squared is an American science fiction novel relating to the Star Trek franchise and the Star Trek: The Next Generation television series. It was written by Peter David and published by Pocket Books. The first edition hardcover was released on July 15th, 1994. The paperback edition was released through Pocket Books in August of 1995.

Synopsis Edit

In all of his travels Captain Jean-Luc Picard has never faced an opponent more powerful than Q, a being from another continuum that Picard encountered on his very first mission as Captain of the Starship Enterprise. In the years since, Q has returned again and again to harass Picard and his crew. Sometimes dangerous, sometimes merely obnoxious, Q has always been mysterious and seemingly all-powerful.

But this time, when Q appears, he comes to Picard for help. Apparently another member of the Q continuum has tapped into an awesome power source that makes this being more powerful than the combined might of the entire Q continuum. This renegade Q is named Trelane - also known as the Squire of Gothos, who Captain Kirk and his crew first encountered over one hundred years ago. Q explains that, armed with this incredible power, Trelane has become unspeakably dangerous.

Now Picard must get involved in an awesome struggle between super beings. And this time the stakes are not just Picard's ship, or the galaxy, or even the universe - this time the stakes are all of creation...

Excerpt taken from back cover.

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  • Force fields
  • Ompet Oddity

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  • Rombus III
  • Ompet sector

Notes & Trivia Edit

  • Cover art illustration for both the hardcover and paperback editions is by Keith Birdsong.
  • Includes a two-page introduction by author Peter David.
  • Includes a dedication to Gunter David which reads, "Happy Birthday".

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