Includes a list of characters, actors and production crew members whose first names are Stanley.

Variations include, Stan.

Isis Edit

Isis 2x03 001

Stanley is a fictional student featured in the 1970s Saturday morning superhero-adventure series The Secrets of Isis. Played by actor David Cole, he appeared in the third episode from season two titled, "The Class Clown". Stanley was a teenage student from Larkspur High School and was one of Andrea Thomas' students. While class was in session, a prankster named Rudy stuck bubble gum on the bottom of Stanley's shoe, then rolled paper across the floor. When Andrea asked Stanley to come to the front of the class as part of an assignment, the gum stuck to the paper, which he then dragged across the room, making him look foolish.

Other characters Edit

Actors Edit

Production Crew Edit

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