The Six Million Dollar Man
Six Million Dollar Man (TV series)
Title: The Six Million Dollar Man
Format: Live-Action
Running time: 60 min.
country: USA
Network: ABC
Seasons: 5
Episodes: 99
Production company: Harve Bennett Productions; Universal TV
Executive producers: Harve Bennett; Lionel E. Siegel
Producers: Joe L. Cramer; Richard H. Landau; Allan Balter; Donald R. Boyle; Sam Strangis; Kenneth Johnson
Principal cast: Lee Majors; Richard Anderson; Martin E. Brooks
Air dates
First aired: January 18th, 1974
Last aired: March 6th, 1978
"We can rebuild him. We have the technology. We can make him better than he was. Better, stronger, faster."
Oscar Goldman

The Six Million Dollar Man is an American television series of the action and science fiction genres. It was created by Harve Bennett and based on the 1972 novel Cyborg by Martin Caidin. The show was produced by Universal Television and Harve Bennett Productions. It aired on ABC for five seasons from January 18th, 1974 to March 6th, 1978, totaling 100 episodes plus two TV movie pilots, named The Six Million Dollar Man and Wine, Women and War. The regular series starred Lee Majors as Colonel Steve Austin, aka the Six Million Dollar Man, and Richard Anderson as OSI director Oscar Goldman. Actor Martin E. Brooks appeared as a supporting character in season one as Doctor Rudy Wells.

Episodes Edit

Season One Edit

Episode Title Airdate
1x1 Population Zero January 18th, 1974
1x2 Survival of the Fittest January 25th, 1974
1x3 Operation Firefly February 1st, 1974
1x4 Day of the Robot February 8th, 1974
1x5 Little Orphan Airplane February 22nd, 1974
1x6 Doomsday, and Counting March 1st, 1974
1x7 Eyewitness to Murder March 8th, 1974
1x8 Rescue of Athena One March 15th, 1974
1x9 Dr. Wells Is Missing March 29th, 1974
1x10 The Last of the Fourth of Julys April 5th, 1974
1x11 Burning Bright April 12th, 1974
1x12 The Coward April 19th, 1974
1x13 Run, Steve, Run April 26th, 1974

Season Two Edit

Episode Title Airdate
2x1 Nuclear Alert September 13th, 1974
2x2 The Pioneers September 20th, 1974
2x3 Pilot Error September 22nd, 1974
2x4 The Pal-Mir Escort October 4th, 1974
2x5 The Seven Million Dollar Man November 1st, 1974
2x6 Straight on 'till Morning November 8th, 1974
2x7 The Midas Touch November 15th, 1974
2x8 The Deadly Replay November 22nd, 1974
2x9 Act of Piracy November 29th, 1974
2x10 Stranger in Broken Folk December 12th, 1974
2x11 The Peeping Blonde December 20th, 1974
2x12 The Cross-Country Kidnap January 10th, 1975
2x13 Lost Love January 17th, 1975
2x14 The Last Kamikaze January 19th, 1975
2x15 Return of the Robot Maker January 26th, 1975
2x16 Taneha February 2nd, 1975
2x17 Look Alike February 23rd, 1975
2x18 The E.S.P. Spy March 2nd, 1975
2x19 The Bionic Woman (Part 1) March 16th, 1975
2x20 The Bionic Woman (Part 2) March 23rd, 1975
2x21 Outrage in Balinderry April 19th, 1975
2x22 Steve Austin, Fugitive April 27th, 1975

Season Three Edit

Episode Title Airdate
3x1 The Return of the Bionic Woman (Part 1) September 14th, 1975
3x2 The Return of the Bionic Woman (Part 2) September 21st, 1975
3x3 The Price of Liberty September 28th, 1975
3x4 The Song and Dance Spy October 5th, 1975
3x5 The Wolf Boy October 12th, 1975
3x6 The Deadly Test October 19th, 1975
3x7 Target in the Sky October 26th, 1975
3x8 One of Our Running Backs Is Missing November 2nd, 1975
3x9 The Bionic Criminal November 9th, 1975
3x10 The Blue Flash November 16th, 1975
3x11 The White-Lightning War November 23rd, 1975
3x12 Divided Loyalty November 30th, 1975
3x13 Clark Templeton O'Flaherty December 14th, 1975
3x14 The Winning Smile December 21st, 1975
3x15 Welcome Home, Jaime January 11th, 1976
3x16 Hocus-Pocus January 18th, 1976
3x17 The Secret of Bigfoot (Part 1) February 1st, 1976
3x18 The Secret of Bigfoot (Part 2) February 4th, 1976
3x19 The Golden Pharaoh February 8th, 1976
3x20 Love Song for Tanya February 15th, 1976
3x21 The Bionic Badge February 22nd, 1976
3x22 Big Brother March 7th, 1976

Season Four Edit

Episode Title Airdate
4x1 The Return of Bigfoot September 19th, 1976
4x2 Nightmare in the Sky September 26th, 1976
4x3 Double Trouble October 3rd, 1976
4x4 The Most Dangerous Enemy October 17th, 1976
4x5 H+2+0=Death October 24th, 1976
4x6 Kill Oscar (Part 2) October 31st, 1976
4x7 The Bionic Boy November 7th, 1976
4x8 Vulture of the Andes November 21st, 1976
4x9 The Thunderbird Connection November 28th, 1976
4x10 A Bionic Christmas Carol December 12th, 1976
4x11 Task Force December 19th, 1976
4x12 The Ultimate Imposter January 2nd, 1977
4x13 Death Probe (Part 1) January 9th, 1977
4x14 Death Probe (Part 2) January 16th, 1977
4x15 Danny's Inferno January 23rd, 1977
4x16 The Infiltrators February 6th, 1977
4x17 Carnival of Spies February 13th, 1977
4x18 U-509 February 20th, 1977
4x19 The Privacy of the Mind February 27th, 1977
4x20 To Catch the Eagle March 6th, 1977
4x21 Ghostly Teletype March 13th, 1977

Season Five Edit

Episode Title Airdate
5x1 Sharks (Part 1) September 11th, 1977
5x2 Sharks (Part 2) September 18th, 1977
5x3 Deadly Countdown (Part 1) September 25th, 1977
5x4 Deadly Countdown (Part 2) October 2nd, 1977
5x5 Bigfoot V October 9th, 1977
5x6 Killer Wind October 16th, 1977
5x7 Rollback October 30th, 1977
5x8 The Dark Side of the Moon (Part 1) November 6th, 1977
5x9 The Dark Side of the Moon (Part 2) November 13th, 1977
5x10 Target: Steve Austin November 27th, 1977
5x11 The Cheshire Project December 18th, 1977
5x12 Walk a Deadly Wing January 1st, 1978
5x13 Just a Matter of Time January 8th, 1978
5x14 Return of Death Probe (Part 1) January 22nd, 1978
5x15 Return of Death Probe (Part 2) January 29th, 1978
5x16 The Lost Island January 30th, 1978
5x17 The Madonna Caper February 6th, 1978
5x18 Dead Ringer February 13th, 1978
5x19 Date With Danger (Part 1) February 20th, 1978
5x20 Date With Danger (Part 2) February 27th, 1978
5x21 The Moving Mountain March 6th, 1978

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