"Shuttle Tydirium, what is your cargo and destination?"
Admiral Firmus Piett[src]
TOS 2x10 001
Continuity: Any
Model: Various
Class: Various
Manufacturer: Various
Crew: Various
Passengers: Various
Armamenet: Various
Length: Various
Width: Various
Weight: Various
Complement: Various

A shuttlecraft is a spacecraft designed for interstellar flight. Primarily used as an auxiliary vessel and a means of transporting personnel, shuttlecraft are commonly housed within a larger space-faring vehicle or on a space station. The size and cargo capacity of a shuttlecraft may differ depending upon its function.

Continuities Edit

  • In Farscape, the IASA developed the Farscape-1 space module, which was similar in design to most NASA space shuttles, but was smaller and only accomodated a single pilot.
  • In Firefly, professional companion Inara Serra lived inside of her personal shuttlecraft which was docked on the Serenity freighter ship.
  • In Star Wars continuity, the Galactic Empire makes use of Lamda-class shuttles. These are small shuttlecrafts and are the successors to the Theta-class shuttles which were in use during the time of the Clone Wars.
  • In Star Trek most Galaxy-class starships maintained at least two to five shuttles in a separate shuttlebay.
  • In V, the Visitors used shuttles to ferry officers and prisoners back and forth from Earth to their mother ship. Some of the shuttlecraft had strong shielding and assault capabilities.

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