Rygel XVI
Rygel XVI 001
Name Rygel XVI
Aliases Rygel; Stinky; Fluffy
Continuity Farscape
Category Main character
Type Politician
Race Hynerian
Gender Male
Base of Operations Moya
Known relatives Bishan (cousin); Rygel the Great (direct ancestor); Rygel II-XV (direct ancestors)
Status Alive
Born Unknown
Died N/A
First Appearance Farscape: Premiere
Played by

Rygel XVI is a Hynerian who once held the position of Dominar on his home planet of Hyneria. Rygel is descended from a long line of noble leaders, most of whom held positions of great authority. Rygel was deposed as Dominar by his scheming cousin Bishan. Framed for criminal activities, he was handed over to the Peacekeepers and imprisoned for many years.

Biography Edit

As Dominar Edit

Escape from Moya Edit

While serving time on the Leviathan ship known as Moya, Rygel managed to bribe a guard and acquire the security codes to the detention cells. He freed fellow prisoners Pa'u Zotoh Zhaan and Ka D'Argo and together they succeeded in taking control of the ship and escaped from the Peacekeepers.

During this incident, the crew of Moya found themselves with two unexpected and uninvited passengers; the first being the Earth human John Crichton and the other being a Prowler pilot named Aeryn Sun. Like the rest of the crew, Rygel had no reservation about expressing his hatred of Peacekeepers and he was not particularly fond of Crichton either. He showed his distate for Crichton by spitting in his face moments after meeting him. [1]

Due to his short stature, Rygel was often selected to perform duties that required access to cramped areas. He was forced to crawl into Moya's neural nexus in order to disengage a Paddac beacon that was broadcasting a signal to the Peacekeepers. [2] A short time later, Rygel was scurrying through the underbelly of the ship where he discovered an infestation of parasitic Draks using one of Moya's chambers as a nest. [3]

Notes & Trivia Edit

  • Rygel is one of two main characters on Farscape who are puppets who were created by Jim Henson's Creature Shop; the other being Pilot. He is voiced by actor Jonathan Hardy.
  • Rygel almost never ambulates with his own legs. He prefers to move about Moya via his Hynerian hover-throne.
  • Whenever he is nervous or angry, Rygel has a tendency to pass gas. His flatulence is comprised of helium, which causes the voices of anyone within his immediate vicinity to increase in pitch. [4]

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