Includes a list of characters, actors and production crew members whose first names are Rob.

Charmed Edit

Charmed 2x01 007

Rob was a young investment banker from San Francisco, California. He met a woman named Piper Halliwell, who was trying to get a loan to open up her own restaurant, P3. Rob and Piper dated briefly, but Rob grew concerned that Piper was only showing interest in him in the hopes of securing the loan. Piper's interest in Rob was in fact genuine, but any chance of a romantic relationship between them failed after they were both attacked by a demon named Abraxas. (Charmed: Witch Trial)

DC Television Universe Edit

Flash 2014 1x20 005

Rob was a man who lived in Central City, and worked in an office building. He was the homosexual lover of Central City Police Department captain David Singh. The two planned on getting married, and were stressing out over the various wedding preparations. Rob was in his office one night when a fire broke out, that engulfed the entire top floor of the building. The Flash arrived and rotated his arms at super-speed to create a vacuum to snuff out the fire. Everyone in the building survived. When Rob emerged outside, Captain Singh was there to embrace him. (Flash: The Trap)

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