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Resident Evil
Resident Evil 1
Title: Resident Evil
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Years published: 1996
Total issues: 1
Featuring: Chris Redfield; Jill Valentine; Albert Wesker; Barry Burton; Joseph Frost; Richard Aiken; Brad Vickers
Creators: Desmond Church; Chris Kramer; Dan Shaheen; Simone Seydoux; Dave Johnson; Bill Sienkiewicz; Moose Baumann; Edd Hendricks; Mark Paniccia
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Resident Evil is a one-shot comic book issue based on the popular Resident Evil video game series by Capcom. This special was a Capcom giveaway to promote the game and was published by Marvel Comics. The story was written by Desmond Church and Chris Kramer and featured artwork by Dave Johnson, who also provided ink embellishment. The cover art illustration was composed by Bill Sienkiewicz. The story was colored by Moose Baumann with lettering by Edd Hendricks. It was edited by Mark Paniccia and released in May, 1996.


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