Raquel Ochmonek
Raquel Ochmonek
Name Raquel Ochmonek
Aliases Mrs. Ochmonek
Continuity ALF
Category Supporting character
Type Housewife
Race Human
Gender Female
Base of Operations California
Known relatives Trevor Ochmonek (husband); Jake Ochmonek (nephew); Elaine Ochmonek (sister-in-law)
Status Alive
Born Unknown
Died N/A
First Appearance ALF: A.L.F.
Played by Liz Sheridan

Raquel Ochmonek was a supporting character featured in the American NBC sit-com ALF. She was played by actress Liz Sheridan. She appeared in twenty-nine episodes of the series.

Biography Edit

Raquel Ochmonek was the middle-aged wife of Trevor Ochmonek as well as the nosy neighbor of the Tanner family. Raquel's curiosity always got the better of her and on more than one occasion she nearly learned the great secret of the Tanner family - that they were harboring an alien known as ALF. Raquel first took note of the three-foot furry extraterrestrial on his second day on Earth. She saw him waving back to her behind the window of the Tanner's bathroom. [1]

A few days later, Willie and Kate Tanner asked Mrs. Ochmonek to come over to babysit their six-year-old son Brian. Desperate to keep things as peaceful as possible, Willie made ALF promise to stay in the bedroom all evening and not to make a sound. As usual however, ALF couldn't stay put and caused quite a commotion, which nearly scared Mrs. Ochmonek to death. He was careful however, not to reveal himself, and she never quite learned the truth about the alien's existence. [2]

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