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This page contains a list of people, places and things featured in the Star Trek multimedia franchise. Character names are categorized by first name, last name.
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Notable characters whose names begin with R include Rom, who was the brother of Quark and worked for him at Quark's aboard Deep Space Nine. There is also Robin Lefler, who was a young ensign stationed aboard the Enterprise-D and friend of Wesley Crusher. Notable races include the Romulans, who are a warlike race frequently at odds with the Federation. However, they did give the universe Romulan ale, so they can't be all that bad. Another beverage of note is Raktajino, which is a form of steamed Klingon coffee.

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Ro Laren Edit

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Ro Laren was a Bajoran female who grew up in a displacement camp after the Cardassians occupied her home planet of Bajor. As with many, this garnered a bitterness within her that she would hold fast to for most of her life. This bitterness quickly turned to hatred for the Cardassians, especially after being forced to watch her father being interrogated and tortured by a Cardassian occupier.

As an adult, Ro Laren joined Starfleet Academy and rose to the rank of Ensign where she served aboard the USS Wellington. During a mission to Garon II, Ensign Ro disobeyed orders, which ultimately led to the deaths of eight of her crew mates. She was court martialed and sentenced to prison on Jaros II.

In 2368, she provided information which led to the capture of a Bajoran terrorist. Admiral Kennelly reinstated her rank in Starfleet and she was placed as a flight navigator aboard the USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D. She served under Captain Jean-Luc Picard on several missions, before ultimately defecting from Starfleet to join the anti-Cardassian terrorist cell, the Maquis.

Robin Lefler Edit

Robin Lefler

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