Category: City
Continent: North America
Country: United States of America
State: Oregon

Portland is an American city in the U.S. state of Oregon. It is part of the Pacific Northwest region of the country and is located in Clackamas, Multnomah and Washington Counties. The city was founded in 1845 and became an incorporated city in 1851.

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Blackrock Aerospace Assembly Plant Number One
Blackrock Aerospace Assembly Plant Number One is a subsidiary of Black Enterprises. It is an assembly plant located in Portland, Oregon and was operated by computer designer Josie Beller. The plant was known for its expedient production of fighter jets, which earned Blackrock Enterprises the attention of the Decepticons. Following an incident resulting in Beller becoming critically injured, the plant was infiltrated by the Decepticon known as Shockwave.
Blackrock Chronic Care Institute
The Blackrock Chronic Care Institute was a medical facility owned by Blackrock Enterprises and located in Portland, Oregon. When G.B. Blackrock's chief computer engineer, Josie Beller, was critically injured at a company oil platform that had been raided by Decepticons, she was brought to the hospital. Consumed with guilt, Blackrock made it a point to visit her every chance he had.
Blackrock Enterprises
Blackrock Enterprises was a multinational American corporation founded and run by industrialist G.B. Blackrock. It was based out of Portland, Oregon and specialized in a variety of different industries including energy, technology, medical care and even entertainment. Blackrock Enterprises owned several different subsidiaries including the Blackrock Chronic Care Institute and Blackrock Motor Speedway. G.B. Blackrock handled most of the day-to-day business affairs personally and even negotiated government contracts. His top computer designer was a woman named Josie Beller. Beller was critically injured at one of Blackrock's oil-drilling platforms after it had been attacked by the Decepticon known as Shockwave. Beller received specialized car, and ultimately became the cyborg revolutionary known as Circuit-Breaker. With the increasing threat of giant robots on Earth, Blackrock diverted most of his resources towards combating them. Initially, Blackrock did not distinguish between Autobot and Decepticon, but after the Autobots Jazz and Wheeljack saved his life during the unveiling of the Anti-Robot Photonic Multi-Cannon, he realized that the true enemy was the Decepticons.
Blackrock Motor Speedway
The Blackrock Motor Speedway was but one of many businesses owned by G.B. Blackrock and Blackrock Enterprises. Blackrock enjoyed driving race cars himself and would occasionally take some time to participate in local races. He would become annoyed if he did not receive two solid hours of doing practice laps. General Capshaw of the United States Army arrived at the speedway to express concern over Blackrock's plans to unveil a weapon to destroy the giant robots that attacked several of the company's installations.
Mount St. Hilary
Mount St. Hilary is a mountain located in the Cascades mountain range in Portland, Oregon. Four million years ago, the Cybertronian space vessel known as the Ark crash-landed in the side of Mount St. Hilary. In the present era, the ship's occupants, the robotic Autobots awakened and used the inactive ship as its base of operations.

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Ashley Kafka Spider-Man

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