"The Yellow Pill"
Series Out of the Unknown
Season 3, Episode 12
Out of the Unknown (TV series)
Air date March 25th, 1969
Writers Leon Griffiths; Rog Phillips
Director Michael Ferguson
Producers Alan Bromly
Starring Stephen Bradley; Angela Brown; Carl Conway; Glynn Edwards
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"Target Generation"
"Get Off My Cloud"

"The Yellow Pill" is the twelveth episode of season three of Out of the Unknown and the thirty-seventh episode overall. Directed by Michael Ferguson, it first aired on BBC2 on Tuesday, March 25th, 1969.

Synopsis Edit

Cast Edit

Actor Role
Stephen Bradley Wilfred Connor
Angela Browne Helen Carter
Carl Conway Radio voice
Glynn Edwards Inspector Slinn
James Haswell Plainclothes man
Francis Matthews John Frame
Steve Peters Plainclothes man

Notes & Trivia Edit

  • Like most of the series, this episode is considered a "lost episode". It was the standard practice of the BBC at the time to wipe their tapes after initial broadcasts.

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