Taste of Evil
Series Out of the Unknown
Season 2, Episode 13
Out of the Unknown (TV series)
Air date January 1st, 1967
Writers Isaac Asimov
Robert Muller
Director Naomi Capon
Producers George Spenton-Foster
Irene Shubik
Starring Beatrix Lehmann
Tenniel Evans
David Healy
Brian Davies
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"Satisfaction Guaranteed"
"Immortality Inc."

The Prophet is the thirteenth episode and season finale of series two of Out of the Unknown. It first aired on BBC2 on Sunday, January 1st, 1967. It is the 25th episode out of a total of 49. The episode adapts the short story "Reason" by Isaac Asimov which was first published in the April, 1941 issue of Astounding Science Fiction and collected in I, Robot (1950), The Complete Robot (1982), and Robot Visions (1990). It is part of Asimov's Robot Series, and was the second of Asimov's positronic robot stories to see publication.

Synopsis Edit

Cast Edit

Actor Role
Beatrix Lehmann Doctor Susan Calvin
Tenniel Evans QT-1
Brian Davies Mike Donovan
David Healy Greg Powell
Julie Allan Martha Powell
Tony Barnes Robot
Chris Blackwell Robot
Derek Davis Robot
Ron Eagleton Robot
David Graham Robot
Graham Lawson Robot
George Rutland Robot
Robin Sherringham Robot
Roy Skelton Robot
Jim Wyatt Robot
James Cossins Interviewer
Judy Keirn Abigail Donovan
Michael Wolf Van Muller

Notes & Trivia Edit

  • As was the practice of the time, this episode was wiped by the BBC and no copy of it is known to exist.

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