No Place Like Earth
Series Out of the Unknown
Season 1, Episode 1
Out of the Unknown 1x01 001
Air date October 4th, 1965
Writers Stanley Miller
John Wyndham
Director Peter Potter
Producers Irene Shubik
Starring Terence Morgan
Jessica Dunning
Joseph O'Conor
Alan Tilvern
George Pastell
Jerry Stovin
Episode guide
"Counterfeit Man"

No Place Like Earth is the premiere episode of Out of the Unknown and first aired on BBC2 on Monday, October 4th, 1965. It was adapted from an original story by science fiction author John Wyndham.

Cast Edit

Actor Role
Terence Morgan Bert Foster
Jessica Dunning Annika
Joseph O'Conor Freeman
Alan Tilvern Blane
George Pastell Major Khan

Also Starring Edit

Actor Role
Jerry Stovin Spaceship captain
Hannah Gordon Zeyla
[Mark Danvers Heron Boy
Vernon Joyner Carter
Roy Stewart Security guard
Bill Treacher Harris

Notes & Trivia Edit

  • This episode survives though it was not the practice of the BBC to preserve program tapes after a program had run its course.

External Links Edit

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