Order of the Instrumentality
Order of the Instrumentality
Vital statistics
Name Order of the Instrumentality
Aliases Instrumentality
Continuity Dreadstar
Type Government
Status Unknown
Leaders Lord High Papal; Unknown masters
Members Syzygy Darklock (formerly)
Enemies The Monarchy
First appearance Epic Illustrated #1

The Order of the Instrumentality was one of two supreme authoritative bodies found within the Empirical Galaxy. It was a powerful, political/religious order that ruled one half of the Galaxy. More than two hundred years ago, the Instrumentality entered into a war with their authoriative rival the Monarchy. The war started over a small, insignificant world known as Nimbus, and grew to encompass dozens of populated worlds. Through a strict edict of fear through threat of damnation, the Instrumentality grew in power and slowly began to overtake the worlds previously held by the Monarchy. The highest office of the Instrumentality was the Order of Vieltoor, which was headquartered in the capitol city of Altarix. The supreme leader of the Instrumentality was the cruel zealot the Lord High Papal. As powerful as Papal was however, even he was subservient to a group of powerful masters.

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