Includes a list of characters, actors and production crew members whose first names are Nicholas.

Variations include Nick.

The Walking Dead Edit

Walking Dead 6x03 003

Nicholas was a young man and a resident of Alexandria, Virginia during the years of the zombie apocalypse. He was friends with Aiden Monroe. Nicholas and the others had difficulty accepting the new arrivals in their community when Alexandria's leader, Deanna Monroe offered sanctuary to Rick Grimes and his group. Nicholas and Aiden were runners, charged with going out and securing supplies to bring back to the town. Nicholas was part of a supply run to a warehouse that included Aiden, and two men named Noah and Glenn Rhee. The situation was compromised by walkers, resulting in the accidental death of Aiden. When Glenn and Noah tried to flee, Nicholas panicked, causing Noah to get pinned inside of a revolving door whereupon Walkers tore his face off. Glenn nearly died during this incident as well. Glenn railed on Nicholas for his poor judgment and Nicholas got defensive. On a later expedition, Nicholas and Glenn got separated from their group and tried to take shelter inside of a feed store. Hordes of walkers surrounded the area, and the two were quickly running out of room. They climbed up onto a garbage dumpster and Nicholas knew this was their final stand. He pulled out his handgun, put it to his head, and said "Thank you" to Glenn before pulling the trigger. Nicholas' body landed on Glenn, propelling him off the dumpster, onto the zombies. As the walkers tore at Nicholas' remains, Glenn managed to scramble out from underneath the body and scurry underneath the dumpster. He eventually was able to scale the wall behind it and escape back to Alexandria. Presumably, Nicholas has since become a walker himself.

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