The NeedWant is a bar and brothel located in the Hollows. It was originally owned by a man named Hunter Bell. In the early days, Tommy LaSalle and Datak Tarr would frequent th establishment to play at some games of chance. Hunter hired a waitress named Kenya Rosewater, whom he later married. Mayor Nicolette Riordon and Meh Yewll murdered Hunter Bell after he discovered that Riordon was actually an Indogene. They sealed himself up inside one of the walls of the building. Busboy Jered Kikema was a witness to the crime. Kenya Rosewater took control of the NeedWant, and operated it for many years. Jered remained as one of the brothel's employees. One of Kenya's prostitutes was a woman named Tirra. In 2046, Kenya Rosewater was murdered by Stahma Tarr. Kenya's sister, the former mayor of Defiance, Amanda Rosewater, took control of the bar in Kenya's absence. Amanda's former aide, Bailey Riggs began to work there as a bartender.

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