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Nancy is a fictional robot character featured on the NBC television series The Bionic Woman. Played by actress Jeannie Wilson, she appeared in the two-part episode, "Fembots in Las Vegas" in 1977. Nancy was a specially designed type of robot known as a Fembot. She was created by Doctor Carl Franklin.

Gotham Edit

Nancy was one of the test subjects at Indian Hill, underneath Arkham Asylum. She was part of the break-out staged by Fish Mooney and was part of her entourage. Along with another "monster" named Sid, Nancy assisted in the apprehension of Ethel Peabody, who was interrogated by Fish and ultimately executed by another subject named Marv. Nancy also assisted in the abduction of Harvey Bullock, which resulted in a stand-off between members of Fish's gang, officers of the Gotham City Police Department, and an unruly mob led by the Penguin. Nancy was killed during this assault and her body was pulled from the building and placed in a body bag.

Isis Edit

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Nancy was a minor character featured on the Saturday morning superhero series The Secrets of Isis. Played by actress Eileen Chesis, she appeared in the 14th episode of season one titled, "Scuba Duba".

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