The Monarchy
Monarchy (Dreadstar)
Vital statistics
Name The Monarchy
Aliases None
Continuity Dreadstar
Type Government
Status Unknown
Leaders King Gregzor
Enemies Order of the Instrumentality
First appearance Epic Illustrated #1

The Monarchy was one of two supreme authoritative bodies found within the Empirical Galaxy. For centuries, it has been led by the royal Dylogo family, whose ancestry traces back twelve dynasties. Two-hundred years ago, a war erupted between the Monarchy and a powerful religious order known as the Instrumentality over a world known as Nimbus. With each passing year, the war raged on and the Monarchy consolidated its power base. One of the last members of the Dylogo family line was King Gregzor. With endless riches at his command, King Gregzor was able to build a powerful army of well-paid soldiers.

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