Includes a list of characters, actors and production crew members whose first names are Mike.

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles Edit

Terminator 1x04 017

Mike was a mercenary once associated with the United States Army. Along with two other such men, he threw in with a man named Carter, who had them help him hijack a large volume of a metal alloy called Coltan from the Port of Los Angeles. Mike was anxious to get the job done, and was constantly griping about either not getting paid, or not getting paid enough. Mike discovered John Connor, who had hidden himself inside the supply truck. John knocked Mike out with a block of Coltan. When he came to, John showed him that Carter had just murdered his compatriots and that he was a dangerous man. Mike's anger began to rise and he confronted Carter. Carter gripped him by the throat and Mike tried to fight him off by shooting him in the face. The bullet tore through the skin, revealing some of Carter's metallic skull beneath. Mike gasped, "What are you?", not understanding that the man who had him was actually a cybernetic killer called a Terminator. Carter then killed Mike by snapping his neck. (Terminator: Heavy Metal)

The Walking Dead Edit

Walking Dead 3x01 010

Mike was a young black man, who was living in Atlanta, Georgia during the days of the initial zombie outbreak. He was the boyfriend of an office worker named Michonne, with whom he had a son named Andre Anthony. His best friend was a man named Terry. Michonne had been returning home to the apartment she shared with Mike on the day the outbreak struck. She found Mike and Terry fending off zombies with baseball bats as they tried getting through the front door. As Michonne fought her way inside, Mike was bitten by a zombie. At the time, nobody yet realized that a zombie bite was a death sentence. Mike succumbed to the injury and reanimated as one of the undead. The same fate befell Terry. Michonne took shelter in a neighbor's house where she found a katana. Michonne noted the zombies would not attack one another, and even the smell of one of their own in the immediate vicinity would be enough to avert their attention elsewhere. When she realized that the infection was spread through biting, she cut of Mike and Terry's arms, as well as the lower half of their jaws. She chained them together and dragged them around as macabre undead escorts. So long as Mike and Terry were by her side, other zombies would let them be. While traveling through rural Georgia with them, Michonne came upon another survivor named Andrea. Michonne, the walkers and Andrea hid out during the Winter, but as Spring came, they found their way to a community called Woodbury. Eventually, Michonne saw no further use for her walker escorts and beheaded both of them.


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