Vital statistics
Name Melmac
Aliases None
Category Planet
Galaxy Unknown
Stellar System Unknown
Planet N/A
Country N/A
State/Province N/A
City N/A
Locale N/A
Residents Melmacians
Points of interest The Purple Area
First Appearance

Melmac is a planet that was once home to the indiginous aliens known as Melmacians. Melmac was destroyed in a terrible accident and only a handful of its native populace survived. One of these Melmacians, a three-foot alien named Gordon Shumway traveled the universe in his space ship before finally crash landing on Earth. His ship slammed into the garage roof of a California homeowner named Willie Tanner. Gordon survived and came to stay with the Tanners under the name of ALF (short for Alien Life Form). He eventually discovered that several more members of his race likewise survived Melmac's destruction including his buddy Skip and his old girlfriend Rhonda.

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  • Melmac was not only the name of the planet, but it is also the material that chiefly comprises it; similar to how the planet Earth is made out of earth. [3]

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