"I assumed the others died while the Peacekeepers looked on. Somehow it made me stronger."
Ka D'Argo
Mekkar 7
Farscape - The Complete Season One (DVD)
Vital statistics
Name Mekkar 7
Aliases None
Category Planet
Galaxy Unknown
Stellar System Unknown
Residents Ka D'Argo; Pa'u Zotoh Zhaan
Points of interest Kemlac mines
First Appearance Farscape: Premiere (Referenced only)

Mekkar 7 was one of dozens of locations referenced in the Sci-Fi Channel television series Farscape. Although reference was made to it in the Premiere episode, it has never actually made an appearance in the series. Mekkar 7 serves as a common background trait shared between the characters of Ka D'Argo and Zotoh Zhaan.

Description Edit

Mekkar 7 was a maximum-security labor planet located within Peacekeeper territory. Two of its more infamous prisoners was the Delvian priest Pa'u Zotoh Zhaan and the Luxan warrior Ka D'Argo. Zhaan spent three years at Mekkar 7 working with and maintaining Peacekeeper technology such as the Intelli-alien interface. This work provided Zhaan with a keen awareness of the inner workings of biomechanoids and proved advantageous when attempting to understand the control systems for Leviathan ships. D'Argo however, did not have it as easy as Zhaan. Sentenced to hard labor, he was put to work in the Kemlac mines, known for its brutal environmental conditions and high fatality rate. Both of them would eventually escape the Peacekeepers and reunite on the Leviathan ship known as Moya.

Points of Interest Edit

Kemlac mines
Located on the 93rd level of Mekkar 7, this was where prisoners were sentenced to mine for the mineral ore known as Kemlac. Though many died working in the mines, Ka D'Argo persevered and ultimately survived to eventually escape from the Peacekeepers. He claims that his experiences in the mines only made him a stronger warrior.

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