Max Headroom
Max Headroom
Title: Max Headroom
Format: Live-action
Running time: 60 min.
country: USA/UK
Network: ABC
Seasons: 2
Episodes: 14
Production company: Lorimar Television
Warner Bros. Television
Executive producers: Peter Wagg
Producers: Brian Frankish; Bruno George
Principal cast: Matt Frewer; Amanda Pays; George Coe; Chris Young; Jeffrey Tambor; William Morgan Sheppard
Air dates
First aired: March 31st, 1987
Last aired: May 5th, 1988

Max Headroom is a joint American/British science fiction television series with elements of comedy. It was produced by Chrysalis/Lakeside and Lorimar Television and aired on ABC from March, 1987 to May, 1988, spanning a total of fourteen episodes. The show starred Matt Frewer as Edison Carter - a reporter who "dies" and has his consciousness reborn as an artificial intelligence dubbed "Max Headroom". The program also starred Amanda Pays as Theora Jones, George Coe as Ben Cheviot, Chris Young as Bryce Lynch, W. Morgan Sheppard as Blank Reg, and Jeffrey Tambor as Murray McKenzie.

Episodes Edit

Season One Edit

Episode Title Airdate
1x1 Blipverts March 31st, 1987
1x2 Rakers April 7th, 1987
1x3 Body Banks April 14th, 1987
1x4 Security Systems April 21st, 1987
1x5 War April 28th, 1987
1x6 The Blanks May 5th, 1987

Season Two Edit

Episode Title Airdate
2x1 Academy September 18th, 1987
2x2 Deities September 25th, 1987
2x3 Grossberg's Return October 2nd, 1987
2x4 Dream Thieves October 9th, 1987
2x5 Whackets October 16th, 1987
2x6 NeuroStim April 28th, 1987
2x7 Lessons May 5th, 1988
2x8 Baby Grobags Unaired

Notes & Trivia Edit

  • Max Headroom was first released on home video in VHS format in Japan and West Germany by RCA/Columbia Pictures in 1988.

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