Includes a list of characters, actors and production crew members whose first names are Matt.

Star Wars Edit

Matt - the radar technician

"Matt" was an alias used by Kylo Ren while stationed aboard Starkiller Base. In order to get a true understanding of what the rank and file officers and soldiers of the First Order thought of him, he became an "undercover boss" and adopted the alias of Matt, a blonde-haired radar technician. While hobnobbing with other personnel, Matt played up the virtues of Kylo Ren, indicating how "awesome" he was. However, the other First Order troopers felt differently, and were not above voicing their dislike for Kylo Ren. This drove "Matt" into one of his infamous temper tantrums and his identity was revealed. Nobody was surprised. He asked when the others first began to suspect that he was Kylo Ren, and one trooper replied, "When you first said, 'Hi, my name is Matt'".

Note: The previous description is taken from the January 16th, 2016 episode of Saturday Night Live, guest-starring actor Adam Driver. It is not a part of official Star Wars continuity.

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