Marko Tyne
Marko Tyne
Name Marko Tyne
Aliases None
Continuity Star Wars
Category Minor character
Type Humanoid
Race Unknown
Gender Male
Base of Operations Outer rim territories
Known relatives None
Status Deceased
Born Unknown
Died 1 ABY
First Appearance Star Wars, Volume 1 #27
Played by N/A

Marko Tyne was an unlicensed slaver operating out of the Outer rim territories in the years following the Battle of Yavin. Wanted for his crimes in more than nine planetary systems, Marko earned the attention of a cyborg bounty hunter named Beilert Valance. Valance tracked Marko down to a cantina on Feriae Junction and shot him down in cold blood. At gunpoint, he forced the staff members of the establishment to help him load Marko's body into his ship.

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