Includes a list of characters, actors and production crew members whose first names are Mark.
Variations include Marc; See also Marcus

Friday the 13th Edit

Mark (Friday the 13th)

Mark was a young man in his mid-twenties, born sometime around the year 1956. As a youth, Mark was involved in a motorcycle accident that left him crippled. The doctors said that he would never walk again. An athlete by nature, Mark did not believe the physician's diagnosis and was determined that he would one day walk again. Oh, how wrong he was. In the summertime, Mark would occasionally work as a camp counselor in the Wessex County area of New Jersey, occasionally working alongside senior counselor and trainer, Paul Holt. In June of 1984, Mark was one of several counselors hired on to work the summer at Packanack Lodge. Upon the arrival of the seasonal employees, Paul addressed the counselors, including Mark, and gave them a quick breakdown of their job duties and safety issues.


The Walking Dead Edit

Mark - Walking Dead

Mark was a Caucasian male in his apparent mid-late twenties. He was the lover of a woman named Amber. Both Mark and Amber were survivors of the zombie apocalypse and were living in the U.S. state of Virginia. They became part of a group called the Saviors, which were led by a man named Negan. Negan claimed Amber as one of his "wives", which meant that she was now considered "hands off" to anyone else at the Saviors' Sanctuary. Despite this, Mark continued to have sex with her. When his actions were discovered, Negan punished Mark by scarring the left side of his face with a hot iron - one of several of Negan's preferred methods of punishment. Mark was later present during the Saviors' initial assault on the Alexandria Safe-Zone.

Vampblade Edit

Mark - Vampblade

Mark was a television news field reporter. He broadcast the story concerning a bizarre scene of violence at Comic Planet in Detroit, Michigan, which left several known mobsters dismembered. He coordinated the live-event with a station broadcaster named Kelley.

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