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Planet: Earth
Continent: North America
Country: United States of America
Points of interest: Baton Rouge; Bon Temps; Crowley; Houma
New Orleans; Renard Parish; Shreveport

Louisiana is a state located in the southern region of the United States of America. Its capital is Baton Rouge and largest city is New Orleans. Louisiana is the only state in the U.S. with political subdivisions termed parishes, which are local governments equivalent to counties. The largest parish by population is Jefferson Parish, and the largest by land area is Cameron Parish.

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Character Source
Ada LaBostrie DC Comics
Adele Stackhouse True Blood
Alcide Herveaux True Blood
Alex Olsen DC Comics
Amy Burley True Blood
Andy Bellefleur True Blood
Arlene Fowler True Blood
Benjamin Sisko Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Bill Compton True Blood
Bud Dearborne True Blood
Caroline Bellefleur True Blood
Cindy Marshall True Blood
Claire Caldwell Universal Monsters
Coby Fowler True Blood
Colonel Caldwell Universal Monsters
Crystal Norris True Blood
Damian Ridge DC Comics
Dawn Green True Blood
Debbie Pelt True Blood
Debra Sinclair DC Universe
Denise Rattray True Blood
Diane Hardwicke True Blood
Donna Garth Marvel Universe
Drew Marshall True Blood
Eden Hamby True Blood
Elsbeth Bellum DC Comics
Emma Garza True Blood
Etienne Pitrie DC Comics
Frank Stanley Universal Monsters
Gene LaBostrie DC Comics
Holly Cleary True Blood
Hoyt Fortenberry True Blood
Jake Sisko Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Jane Bodehouse True Blood
Jason Stackhouse True Blood
Jessica Hamby True Blood
Judith Ali 30 Days of Night
Katherine Caldwell Universal Monsters
Kenya Jones True Blood
Kevin Ellis True Blood
Lafayette Reynolds True Blood
Lara Featherstone Preacher
Lettie Mae Thornton True Blood
Liam McKnight True Blood
Linda Olsen Ridge DC Comics
Lisa Fowler True Blood
Longshadow True Blood
Luna Garza True Blood
Mack Rattray True Blood
Malcolm Beaumarchais True Blood
Marcus Bozeman True Blood
Martha Bozeman True Blood
Maudette Pickens True Blood
Maxine Fortenberry True Blood
Mike Spencer True Blood
Monica Rambeau Marvel Universe
Portia Bellefleur True Blood
Randi Sue True Blood
Remy LeBeau Marvel Comics
Reverend Daniels True Blood
Sam Merlotte True Blood
Sav-a-Bunch shopper True Blood
Simon Garth Marvel Universe
Sookie Stackhouse True Blood
Tara Thornton True Blood
Tefé Holland DC Comics
Taylor Ali 30 Days of Night
Terrell True Blood
Terry Bellefleur True Blood
Truman Burrell True Blood
Viktor Kruglov Preacher
Waylong True Blood
Wayne Bosen True Blood
Willa Burrell True Blood

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