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Liz Ray
Name Liz Ray
Aliases None
Continuity A come Andromeda
Category Supporting character
Type Unknown
Race Human
Gender Female
Base of Operations United Kingdom
Known relatives None
Status Unknown
Born Unknown
Died Unknown
First Appearance A come Andromeda: 1.1
Played by Ida Meda

Liz Ray was a character featured in the 1972 Italian television series A come Andromeda played by Ida Meda. She is one of the few characters from the series who does not have an analog from the program's precursor A for Andromeda. She appeared in all five episodes of the series.

Biography Edit

Notes & Trivia Edit

Appearances Edit

Episode Title Airdate
1x1 Episode One January 4th, 1972
1x2 Episode Two January 11th, 1972
1x3 Episode Three January 18th, 1972
1x4 Episode Four January 25th, 1972
1x5 Episode Five February 1st, 1972

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