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Lili - Universal Monsters

Lili was a young woman who lived in the area of Chelsea in London, England in the 1930s. In 1931, a strange shadowy man named Sandor approached Lily as she was walking across a bridge late at night. Sandor told her that his mistress, Countess Marya Zeleska was an artist, and she was in search of a new subject to paint. With the promise of money, Lili reluctantly agreed to accompany him back to Zeleska's studio above the Brook's Book Shop.

Marya Zeleska asked Lili to pose for her and asked her slowly disrobe. Lili became nervous however and began to balk, at which point, Zeleska beckoned her to stare into the gemstone on her ring. Lili fell into a trance and Zeleska took advantage of her. Marya was a vampire and used this as an opportunity to sate her bloodlust.

Lili fell unconscious and was later taken to St. Mary's Hospital. The staff took note of the bite marks upon her throat. Psychiatrist Doctor Jeffrey Garth observed her as well, eventually drawing a connection between Lili's condition and Countess Zeleska. Ultimately however, Lili succumbed to her injuries and died. (Dracula's Daughter)