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Lieutenant is a military, naval, paramilitary, fire service, emergency medical services or police officer rank. Lieutenant may also appear as part of a title used in various other organisations with a codified command structure. It often designates someone who is "second-in-command," and as such, may precede the name of the rank directly above it.

Characters Edit

The following includes a list of fictional characters who have held the rank of Lieutenant (incomplete).

Character Continuity
Andy Flint DC Universe
Athena Battlestar Galactica
B'Elanna Torres Star Trek
Boomer Battlestar Galactica
Charlie Pizer The Black Hole
Christine Chapel Star Trek
Clifford Brent Star Trek
Daniel Alden Star Trek
Ed Leslie Star Trek
Etta Candy DC Universe; Wonder Woman
Ezri Dax Star Trek
Harry Kim Star Trek
Helen Johansson Star Trek
Hikaru Sulu Star Trek
Jadzia Dax Star Trek
Janek Sunber Star Wars
Janice Rand Star Trek
Joe Tormolen Star Trek
José Tyler Star Trek
Joyner Arrow
Larry Rock DC Universe
Lee Kelso Star Trek
Louis Ferretti Stargate
Malcolm Reed Star Trek
Marla Aster Star Trek
Marla McGivers Star Trek
Mike Fisher Charlton Comics
Nog Star Trek
Number One Star Trek
Nyota Uhura Star Trek
Philip Boyce Star Trek
S. Gorman Aliens
Samantha Wildman Star Trek
Shanks Star Wars
Shann Childsen Star Wars
Sheba Battlestar Galactica
Spock Star Trek
Stan Kitch DC Universe
Starbuck Battlestar Galactica
Susan Watson King Kong Escapes
Tam Velorek Farscape
Tasha Yar Star Trek
Tom Paris Star Trek
Tuvok Star Trek
Wesley Crusher Star Trek