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Legends of Tomorrow
Legends of Tomorrow
Title: Legends of Tomorrow
Format: Live-action
Running time: 60 min.
country: USA
Network: CW Network
Seasons: 1+
Episodes: 15+
Production company: Berlanti Productions; Bonanza Productions; DC Entertainment; Warner Bros. Television
Executive producers: Greg Berlanti; Andrew Kreisberg; Marc Guggenheim; Chris Fedak; Phil Klemmer; Sarah Schechter
Producers: Vladimir Stefoff
Principal cast: Victor Garber; Brandon Routh; Caity Lotz; Arthur Darvill; Ciara Renee; Franz Drameh; Dominic Purcell; Wentworth Miller
Air dates
First aired: January 5th, 2016

Legends of Tomorrow is an American live-action television series of the superhero fantasy genre. It is the third program to take place in the shared continuity of the DC Television Universe and serves as a spin-off of both Arrow and The Flash. The series was created by Greg Berlanti, Andrew Kreisberg and Marc Guggenheim and began airing in 2016. Characters unique to this series include Rip Hunter, played by Doctor Who alum Arthur Darvill, who is a time traveler who arrives from Earth's future to gather together a team of both heroes and villains to do battle against the immortal conqueror Vandal Savage, who seeks to destroy the world. From the Arrow side of casting, the show brings in Caity Lotz as the recently revived Sara Lance, formerly known as the Black Canary. It also brings back Ray Palmer, who had his own brush with death as The Atom. From the The Flash there is Victor Garber reprising his role as scientist Martin Stein, Wentworth Miller and Dominic Purcell, who both pestered the Flash at length in the roles of Rogues Gallery villains Captain Cold and Heat Wave. New characters to the mythos also include Ciara Renee as Hawkgirl, and Franz Drameh as Jefferson Jackson - the new Firestorm.

Episodes Edit

Season One Edit

Episode Title Airdate
1x01 Pilot (Part 1) January 21st, 2016
1x02 Pilot (Part 2) January 28th, 2016

Season Two Edit

Episode Title Airdate
2x01 Out of Time October 13th, 2016
2x02 The Justice Society of America October 20th, 2016
2x03 Shogun October 27th, 2016
2x04 Abominations November 3rd, 2016
2x05 Compromised November 10th, 2016
2x06 Outlaw Country November 17th, 2016
2x07 Invasion! December 1st, 2016
2x08 The Chicago Way December 8th, 2016
2x09 Raiders of the Lost Art January 24th, 2017
2x10 The Legion of Doom January 31st, 2017
2x11 Turncoat February 7th, 2017
2x12 Camelot/3000 February 21st, 2017
2x13 Land of the Lost March 7th, 2017
2x14 Moonshot March 14th, 2017
2x15 Fellowship of the Spear March 21st, 2017
2x16 Doomworld March 28th, 2017
2x17 Aruba April 4th, 2017

Season Three Edit

Episode Title Airdate
3x01 Aruba-Con October 10th, 2017
3x02 Freakshow October 17th, 2017
3x03 Zari October 24th, 2017
3x07 Welcome to the Jungle November 21st, 2017
3x08 Crisis on Earth-X November 28th, 2017
3x09 Beebo the God of War December 5th, 2017
3x10 Daddy Darhkest February 12th, 2018
3x11 Here I Go Again February 19th, 2018
3x12 The Curse of the Earth Totem February 26th, 2018
3x13 No Country for Old Dads March 5th, 2018
3x14 Amazing Grace March 12th, 2018
3x15 Necromancing the Stone March 19th, 2018
3x16 I, Ava March 26th, 2018

Notes & Trivia Edit

  • Oh the irony. Arthur Darvill plays Rip Hunter, a character who can transport himself through space and time. Sound familiar? It should. Darvill is also known for playing Rory Williams on the popular BBC television series Doctor Who, where he shared in adventures with the alien adventurer, The Doctor, who traveled across space and time in the TARDIS.

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