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Lawrence Limburger
Lawrence Limburger
Name Lawrence Limburger
Aliases None
Continuity Biker Mice from Mars
Category Antagonist
Type Alien
Race Plutarkian
Gender Male
Base of Operations Chicago, Illinois
Known relatives None
Status Alive
Born Unknown
Died N/A
First Appearance Biker Mice from Mars: Rock and Ride!
Played by W. Morgan Sheppard

Biography Edit

Lawrence Limburger is an extraterrestrial from the planet known as Plutark. Like the rest of his species, Lawrence's chosen vocation is to conquer alien worlds, strip-mine them for their natural resources and move on. On the planet Mars however, Lawrence and his confederates ran into some problems as a faction of freedom fighters rebelled against them. Lawrence captured several of these freedom fighters and held them prisoner. Three of them, a trio of motorcycle-riding, anthropomorphic mice, escaped from Limburger's clutches and left the planet.

Lawrence eventually made his way to the planet Earth where he assumed a human appearance. He set himself up as a greedy industrialist operating out of the city of Chicago. He employed a bevy of underlings including the brutish henchman Greasepit and the wacky scientist Doctor Karbunkle. Limburger continued his Plutarkian mission and soon turned Chicago into a veritable ghetto. The three biker mice that he once imprisoned, Throttle, Vinnie, and Modo came to Earth and set themselves up at the Last Chance Garage with a mechanic named Charley Davidson. Using this as their base of operations, they waged an ongoing war against Limburger and his cronies to free Chicago and save the Earth.

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