Last Chance Garage
Vital statistics
Name Last Chance Garage
Aliases None
Category Business
Galaxy Milky Way
Stellar System Sol system
Planet Earth
Country United States
State/Province Illinois
City Chicago
Locale Downtown
Residents Charley Davidson; Throttle; Vinnie; Modo
Points of interest None
First Appearance Biker Mice from Mars: Rock and Ride!

The Last Chance Garage is an automobile and motorcycle garage owned by Charley Davidson in the downtown area of Chicago, Illinois. In 1993, it also became the base of operations for the Biker Mice from Mars. An alien industrialist named Lawrence Limburger sought to strip-mine the city for its natural resources and realized that the garage was located at the exact spot where he wanted to begin working. He sent his brutish underling Greasepit to the garage to muscle Charley out of the business. Fortunately for her, the Biker Mice were present and fought Greasepit, sending him back to Limburger with his tail tucked between his legs. [1]

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