Name Kumumgah
Aliases None
Continuity Star Wars
Category Alien
Status Extinct
Homeworld Tatooine
Stellar System Tatoo system
Galaxy Arkanis sector, Unidentified galaxy
Body type Unknown
Average lifespan Unknown
Average Height Unknown
Average Weight Unknown
Limbs 4
Eyes 2
Fingers Unknown
Toes Unknown
Special adaptations Unknown
Social Structure
Native language Unknown; 2 distinct dialects
Sub-groups Ghorfa; Tusken Raiders
Representatives None known
Allies None
Enemies Rakata; Rakatan Infinite Empire
First Appearance Star Wars: The New Essential Guide to Alien Species

The Kumumgah were an ancient humanoid alien race indiginous to the planet Tatooine thousands of years ago. A conquering race known as the Rakata invaded Tatooine and absorbed it into its ever-growing Infinite Empire. The Kumumgah eventually rebelled against the Rakatan slavers and as consequence for their actions, the Rakata initiated an intense firebombing campaign against them. The power of their weapons was so intense that it nearly obliterated the entire planet, transmogrifying its verdant jungles into a barren sea of fused glass. Over the span of millennia, the glass topography dissolved, turning the planet into a desert wasteland. The Kumumgah eventually split into two distinctive species; the Ghorfa and the Jawas. While the Jawas remained a somewhat passive race, the Ghorfa were savage hunters.

Some 4,200 years prior to the Battle of Yavin, human settlers colonized tatooine and established the mining outpost known as Anchorhead. The presence of these early settlers provoked societal change in the Ghorfan culture, prompting them to evolve into the modern day Tusken Raiders.

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