Kugg's Destroyer
Kugg's Destroyer
Vital statistics
Designation The Destroyer
Aliases None
Continuity Star Wars
Category Antagonist
Type Unknown
Series Unknown
Model Unknown
Gender Male
Base of Operations Dodz
Status Destroyed
Constructed Unknown
Decommissioned/destroyed 6 BBY
First Appearance Star Wars: Droids, Volume 1 #1
Played by N/A

The Destroyer was a robot character featured in the comic book series Star Wars: Droids. He is considered an "s-canon" character as his existence predates any consistent effort to maintain continuity within the Star Wars Universe.

Biography Edit

Governor Kugg of the planet Dodz employed a large bipedal droid of unknown design as his personal enforcer. Through the Destroyer, he was able to exert control over the provincial City Council and was able to increase taxes to the locals. Those that failed to meet Kugg's demands often received a visit from the Destroyer who demolished their homes and property. The Destroyer was responsible for destroying several families of merchants and drove crystal merchant Lott Kemp away from the planet.

A young citizen named Jost Ellon and the droids known as C-3PO and R2-D2 sought to depose Governor Kugg by eliminating his Destroyer. Using a refurbished old droid model known as a Ranger X-One, they set their sights on taking down the Destroyer. The Destroyer and the Ranger X-One fought with one another, but it quickly became apparent that the Destroyer was the more powerful model. R2-D2 attached a conduit between the two combating droids and began siphoning energy away from the Destroyer and into the Ranger X-One. The plan proved successful and the Ranger was able to demolish the Destroyer. Unfortunately, the increased surge fused the Ranger's circuits together, rendering it useless.

Notes & Trivia Edit

References Edit

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