"Race for Life"
Series Knight Rider
Season 2, Episode 16
Knight Rider (1982) 2x16 001
Air date February 5th, 1984 [1]
Writers Bruce Belland; Roy M. Rogosin
Director Georg Fenady
Producers George E. Crosby [2]; Robert Ewing; Robert Foster; Rob Gilmer [3]; Tom Greene; Gino Grimaldi [4]; Glen A. Larson; Joel Rogosin
Starring David Hasselhoff; Edward Mulhare; Rebecca Holden
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"Race for Life" is the sixteenth episode of season two of the TV action series Knight Rider and is the thirty-eighth episode of the series overall. It was directed by Georg Fenady with a script written by Bruce Belland and Roy M. Rogosin. It first aired on NBC on Friday, February 5th, 1984 at 9:00 pm. In this episode, a blackout cripples the computer database at a hospital where April's ill niece, Becky, is awaiting a bone marrow transplant. Using K.I.T.T.'s database, they find that the only compatible donor they can track down is a gang member named Julio Rodriguez. Michael and K.I.T.T. race to find Julio and hopefully get him to agree to help them in time.

Cast Edit

Principal Cast Edit

Actor Role
David Hasselhoff Michael Knight
Edward Mulhare Devon Miles
Rebecca Holden April Curtis

Guest Stars Edit

Actor Role
Lynne Marta Laura Phillips
Scott Getlin Ric
James Arone Tony
Hank Brandt Doctor Carney
Robyn Lively Becky Phillips
Mario Marcelino Julio Rodriguez
Jesse Aragon Santos
Toni Nero Terri
Vincent Barbour Conqueror
Frank Lugo Shopkeeper
William Harlow Trooper
Richard Basehart Narrator
William Daniels K.I.T.T.

Notes & Trivia Edit

  • This episode is production code number: 57826. [5]
  • Dedication: This Knight Rider is dedicated to the memory of Marcel Rafael Marcelino, who died while his father, Mario, was filming this episode. Mario played the role of Julio. [6][7]
Knight Rider (1982) 2x16 002

"And the award for 'Most Sympathetic Sick Kid' goes to..."

  • This is the second episode of Knight Rider directed by Georg Fenady. He directs eleven episodes of the series in total.
  • This is the only episode of Knight Rider co-written by Bruce Belland. Belland is also an actor who played a character named Bruce in eleven episodes of The Adventures of Ozzie & Harriet.
  • This is the only episode of Knight Rider co-written by Roy M. Rogosin.
  • Actor Richard Basehart is uncredited in this episode as the voice of the opening narrator.
  • This is the thirty-eighth appearance of actor David Hasselhoff in the role of Michael Knight.
  • Actress Robyn Lively, who plays Becky Phillips, was nominated at the 1985 Young Artist Awards for the category of Best Young Actress - Guest in a Television Series for this episode. [10]
  • This is Toni Nero's third work on a television program. She has also appeared on episodes of Matt Houston, Automan and T.J. Hooker starring Star Trek alum, William Shatner.

Allusions Edit

  • Becky's special name for K.I.T.T. is "Black Beauty". Black Beauty is an 1877 novel by English author Anna Sewell. The story has been adapted into numerous films including a movie in 1921, one in 1946, and one in 1971, which is the most well-known adaptation among them.

Bloopers Edit

  • In the scene where Michael is confronting the gang members inside an old shack, he calls KITT to storm the shack. When KITT takes off, the hand of the driver can be seen for a fraction of a second.
  • During the last scene when Michael takes Becky outside to see KITT the driver's face can be seen in the gap in the headrest.

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