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Kate Tanner
Kate Tanner 001
Name Kate Tanner
Aliases Katherine Daphne Halligan Tanner
Continuity ALF
Category Supporting character
Type Housewife
Race Human
Gender Female
Base of Operations California
Known relatives Willie Tanner (husband); Lynn Tanner (daughter); Brian Tanner (son)
Status Alive
Born Unknown
Died N/A
First Appearance ALF: A.L.F.
Played by Anne Schedeen

Kate Tanner was a character featured in the NBC sit-com ALF where she was played by actress Anne Schedeen. Kate appeared in all 101 episodes of the series. Kate Tanner is the wife of Willie Tanner and the mother of Lynn and Brian Tanner. Of all the members of the household, Kate has the least tolerance for ALF's antics and would just as soon see him gone than look at him. ALF likes Kate and feels that the two share a common bond with one another seeing as how they have both seen each other naked.

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