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Includes lines of dialogue spoken by or about the character of Ka D'Argo.

Quotes by Ka D'Argo Edit

"We brought you aboard this ship for one reason... tell us, or die with us."
Ka D'Argo to John Crichton[src]
"That is a very Delvian way to look at the situation."
Ka D'Argo to Zotoh Zhaan[src]
"Warrior to warrior, I vow, one day I will kill you!"
Ka D'Argo to Captain Crais[src]
"I don't know who you are, where you're from, or what you want... but if you threaten my freedom... I'll kill you."
Ka D'Argo to John Crichton[src]

Conversations with Ka D'Argo Edit

  • Aeryn Sun: How could you? Pilot is defenseless.
  • Ka D'Argo: Compassion? From a Peacekeeper?
  • Aeryn Sun: For a comrade. You attacked one of your own. Would you do the same to the rest of us?
  • Ka D'Argo: Of course.

Quotes about Ka D'Argo Edit

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