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Joe Shuster
Joe Shuster
Birth name: Joseph Shuster
Gender: Male
Medium(s): Comic books
Roles: Penciler; Inker; Cover artist
Date of birth: July 10th, 1914
Place of birth: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Date of death: July 30th, 1992
Place of death: Los Angeles, California
Notable works: Superman
1st Sci-Fi: Action Comics #1

Joseph Shuster was a Canadian comic book artist born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada on July 10th, 1914. In 1924, his family moved to Cleveland, Ohio where he became an American citizen. During Shuster's late teens, he befriended another boy named Jerome Siegel. Together, they self-published a short-lived science fiction fanzine aptly titled Science Fiction. Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster put together an illustrated sci-fi story titled "Reign of the Superman". Although the story was never published, it laid the groundwork for what would eventually become the most infamous sci-fi superhero of all time - Superman. After numerous concept designs and reworkings, Siegel and Shuster sold their Superman concept to National Periodical Publications, which later became known as DC Comics. Superman first appeared as the title story in the first issue of the adventure anthology series Action Comics in a story called "Superman, Champion of the Oppressed".

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