Includes a list of characters, actors and production crew members whose first names are Jim.

The Walking Dead Edit

Walking Dead 1x03 005

Jim was a mechanic who lived in Atlanta, Georgia. When a zombie outbreak wiped out most of the country's population, Jim was fortunate enough to be counted among the survivors. Jim however did not feel at all fortunate as they only reason he survived was because his wife and children impeded the path of the walkers allowing Jim the chance to escape.

Jim found refuge with another group of survivors and stayed with them at their camp in the woods outside of Atlanta. When former police officer Rick Grimes needed information on where to gather weapons, Jim told him about the best places to scavenge for supplies.

Jim was the first of the group to suffer from a severe emotional breakdown. Consumed with grief and survivors' guilt, he began obsessively digging empty graves at the top of a hill. The others tried to get him to stop, but Jim wouldn't listen. Ultimately, Shane Walsh had to physically restrain Jim because his actions were scaring the other members of the group, particularly the children.

The following evening, a group of walkers raided the camp and Jim was bitten on the arm. For three days he suffered through the pain and fever of the slow-acting plague. Refusing a mercy killing or staying with the group, Jim was willingly abandoned at the entrance to Atlanta in the hopes that, upon reanimating, he could be reunited with the undead members of his family that may still exist.

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